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meet JENNY

I am passionate about helping people gain insight and a sense of empowerment as they navigate the transitions and challenges inherent in life. I create a safe space, listen carefully and will offer you my insights.    With new found insights, a deeper understanding of your mind, I believe you will be equipped with the knowledge required to make significant change in your life and relationships.  ​ I am interactive, sometimes directive, and will offer some alternative ways of seeing, doing, and being.    I am trained in Emotional Focused Therapy and specialize in working with the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, co-dependency, eating disorders, women's issues, and related issues.  ​ If you'd like to know about my education, training and the great minds that have influenced my work, click here.    ​



Love, marriage, baby carriage.  A straightforward path from a children's nursery rhyme that many of us hear for years that may have influenced our perception of how life should go.  But life doesn't always follow this exact path, and that experience can leave us questioning ourselves and the world around us.  Or maybe you did follow this path exactly, and it just doesn't feel the way you thought it would.

That's where I come in.  I am deeply committed to helping people explore their thoughts and feelings about their unique circumstances.  From the decision to try to conceive, fertility challenges, pregnancy losses, and all things during and after pregnancy I believe you can be better equipped to cope with the bumps, surprises, and scars that come with pursuing becoming a parent.

In working with me, you will be given a safe place to speak freely, be heard, and gain knowledge about yourself.  Your journey is unique, and the treatment approaches utilized will be tailored to your individual needs.  My goal for you is to ensure you know you are not broken or alone.  You will be empowered to intimately examine, live, and tell your story through our work together.

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